12 Legendary Solos By Bobby

If The Shew Fits
- Frank Mantooth
Bobby Shew - If The Shew Fits.mp3
Bobby Shew - If The Shew Fits.pdf (transcription)

Always and Forever - Bob Curnow
Bobby Shew - Always and Forever.mp3

Big Swing Face - Buddy Rich
Bobby Shew - Big Swing Face.mp3

A Night In Tunisia - "Tribute To The Masters"
Bobby Shew - A Night In Tunisia.mp3

A Night To Remember - "Plays The Music Of Reed Kotler"
Bobby Shew - A Night To Remember.mp3

April Mist - "Playing With Fire"
Bobby Shew - April Mist.mp3

Go Ahead - "One In A Million"
Bobby Shew - Go Ahead.mp3

Here's That Rainy Day - "Trumpets No End"
Bobby Shew - Heres That Rainy Day.mp3

Nadalin - "Trumpets No End"
Bobby Shew - Nadalin.mp3

Up Jumped Spring - "One In A Million"
Bobby Shew - Up Jumped Spring.mp3

Waltz For Debby - "Metropole Orchestra"
Bobby Shew - Waltz For Debby.mp3

Whisper Not - "Tribute To The Masters"
Bobby Shew - Whisper Not.mp3
Bobby Shew - Whisper Not.pdf (transcription)
Bobby's "screech" solo on "Greasy Sack Blues"
(NOTE: This is AWESOME. People sometimes forget what a SICK lead player Bobby is because his jazz playing so amazing)

Bobby playing "The Red Snapper"

Bobby playing "Stompin' At The Savoy" on his famous Shewhorn


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