Bob Summers is a jazz legend. He is a studio ace and an alum of some great bands. I LOVE his playing. He, along with Ron Stout, Larry Lunetta, Carl Saunders, and Oscar Brashear, are my favorite studio jazz trumpeters. Check him out below. What a MONSTER!


** = BURNIN'!
*** = legendary performance


***The Fox Hunt - Maynard Ferguson
Bob Summers - The Fox Hunt.mp3
Bob Summers - The Fox Hunt.pdf

**An Apple For Christa - Carl Saunders / "BeBop Big Band" Summers - An Apple For Christa.mp3

**Backrow Politics - Big Phat Band / "Act Your Age"
Bob Summers - Backrow Politics.mp3
Bob Summers - Backrow Politics.pdf

**Cut N Run - Big Phat Band / "The Phat Pack"
Bob Summers - Cut N Run.mp3

**Dat Dere - Mike Barone / "By Request"
Bob Summers - Dat Dere.mp3

**Sweet Georgia Brown - Frank Capp / "Play It Again, Sam"
Bob Summers - Sweet Georgia Brown.mp3

**There Will Never Be Another You - Count Basie
Bob Summers - There Will Never Be Another You.mp3

**This Is The Moment - Emil Richards / Joe Porcaro Big Band
Bob Summers - This Is The Moment.mp3

**What Sammy Said - Big Phat Band / "XXL"
Bob Summers - What Sammy Said.mp3


Bob Summer's playing "The Fox Hunt" with Maynard Ferguson


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