Brandon is one of the most nimble, soulful, intense, volcanic, and mercurial modern players out there. He owns any style and it's absolutely inspiring to watch him play... and he means everything he plays. He is also an incredible studio player on all woodwinds. The thing I dig about his playing is that I never know what to expect - because he capable of doing anything on the horn at any time and he is always 150% in. I've learned a lot from watching him just go about his business. Above all else, he is one hell of a nice cat.



* = favorite




**Los Cabos - The Rippingtons / "Kilimanjaro"
Brandon Fields - Los Cabos.mp3



*Tell Me A Bedtime Story - Masanori Sasaji / "Afro Blue"
Brandon Fields - Tell Me A Bedtime Story.mp3



Afro Blue - Masanori Sasaji / "Afroblue"
Brandon Fields - Afro Blue.mp3

*I'll Remember April - Brandon Fields / "Fields & Strings"
Brandon Fields - I'll Remember April.mp3

*Misty - Brandon Fields / "Fields & Strings"
Brandon Fields - Misty.mp3

*My Favorite Things - Masanori Sasaji / "Birdland"
Brandon Fields - Misty.mp3

*Samba Del Gringo - Big Phat Band / "Swingin' For The Fences"
Brandon Fields - Samba Del Gringo.mp3

*Stolen Moments - Brandon Fields / "Fields & Strings"
Brandon Fields - Stolen Moments.mp3

*There's The Rub - Big Phat Band / "Swingin' For The Fences"
Brandon Fields - There's The Rub.mp3

*Tubs - Jay Graydon / "Bebop"
Brandon Fields - Tubs.mp3



**Inner Urge - Brandon Fields / "One People"
Brandon Fields - Inner Urge.mp3

*Love Notes
- The Rippingtons / "Kilimanjaro"
Brandon Fields - Love Notes.mp3

- Chris Walden / No Bounds
Brandon Fields - Smile.mp3

**Star Wars Theme
- Chris Walden / "Home Of My Heart"
Brandon Fields - Star Wars Theme.mp3

Winter Games - Chris Walden / "No Bounds"
Brandon Fields - Winter Games.mp3


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