This was by far the most difficult tribute page I've done. Bruce's recorded solo work is extremely rare (outside of Zappa). Bruce is a genius. He is a legendary trombonist and film orchestrator - and loved among L.A.'s studio elite trombonists. Furthermore, he is from a family of musical geniuses - all unapologetically eclectic with their musical choices. I've heard Bruce play everything from blistering bebop to off-the-wall free jazz. Whatever the case, get ready for a ride... strap yourself in!


Films orchestrated by Bruce (and counting!...)
note: Bruce also plays on a lot of the films that he orchestrates

Agent Cody Banks
A Goofy Movie
A League Of Their Own
All Dogs Go To Heaven 2
As Good As It Gets
Babylon A.D.
Batman Begins
Black Hawk Down
Blade 2
Body Of Lies
Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
Crimson Tide
Dante's Peak
Definitely, Maybe
Enemy Of The State
Face Off
Friday Night Lights
I Am Sam
I'll Do Anything
Man In The Iron Mask
Men In Black 2
Mission Impossible 2
Ned Kelly
Nine Months
Pacific Heights
Pirates Of The Carribean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl
Radio Flyer
Renaissance Man
Smilla's Sense Of Snow
Smokin' Aces
Team America: World Police
The Borrowers
The Bourne Identity
The Bourne Supremacy
The Dark Knight
The Fan
The Flintstones
The Good Year
The Good Shepherd
The Hulk
The Island
The Italian Job
The Last Samurai
The Lion King
The Power Of One
The Recruit
The Red Dragon
The Ring
The Ring 2
The Rock
Tears Of The Sun
Vantage Point


* = favorite
** = BURNIN'!
*** = legendary performance


***Hello, Young Lovers - One O'Clock Lab Band
Hello Young Lovers.mp3


**Solo with Frank Zappa
Bruce Fowler - Zappa solo.mp3


**A Trip With Bill - Steve Fowler
Bruce Fowler - A Trip With Bill.mp3

**Bikini Paralysis - Steve Fowler
Bruce Fowler - Bikini Paralysis.mp3

**Breakfast For Dinosaurs - The Fowler Brothers
Bruce Fowler - Breakfast For Dinosaurs.mp3

**Chris - The Fowler Brothers
Bruce Fowler - Chris.mp3

**Kaiparowitz High - The Fowler Brothers
Bruce Fowler - Kaiparowitz High.mp3

**Late Scratch
- The Fowler Brothers
Bruce Fowler - Late Scratch.mp3

**May I See Your Cotangent Bundle, Please?
- Steve Fowler
Bruce Fowler - May I See Your Cotangent Bundle Please.mp3

**Precious Promises - Kim Richmond
Bruce Fowler - Precious Promises.mp3


Bruce soloing on "Bebop Tango"
with Banned from Utopia


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