R.I.P. June 15, 2011


Bruce Otto began his career in his hometown of Chicago when he was 15 years old. By the time he enrolled at DePaul University, he was very much in demand playing radio and T.V. commercials and backing up performers like Mel Torme, Tony Bennett, and Nancy Wilson.

After relocating to L.A., Bruce maintained a busy schedule playing on many motion picture and television soundtracks such as "Mission Impossible", "Seven Years In Tibet", "Clueless", "The Horse Whisperer", and "Star Trek Voyager." More recently, he has played on "August Rush", "Battlestar Galactica", "Hancock", "The Notebook", "The Pineapple Express", and Tim Burton's "Alice In Wonderland." He can also be heard on many episodes of "Animaniacs", "Sylvester & Tweety", and "Pinky and The Brain."


Chickenyard Social (Lead) - The Les Hooper Big Band
Bruce Otto - Chickenyard Social - Lead.mp3

Emmanuel Gold
Bruce Otto - Emmanuel Gold.mp3

Flyin' Free
Bruce Otto - Flyin Free.mp3

Lassus Trombone - The National Slide Quartet
Bruce Otto - Lassus Trombones.mp3

Livin' In Harmony
Bruce Otto - Livin In Harmony.mp3

Bruce Otto - Stardust.mp3


Bruce featured with the Les Hooper Big Band


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