** = BURNIN'!


**A Night In Tunisia - Mike Garson / "The Oxnard Sessions"
Eric Marienthal - A Night In Tunisia.mp3

**All Blues - Mike Garson / "The Oxnard Sessions"
Eric Marienthal - All Blues.mp3

**Check's In The Mail - Gordon Goodwin / "Close To The Edge"
Eric Marienthal - Checks In The Mail.mp3

**CTA (funky rhythm changes!) - Chick Corea / "Paint The World"
Eric Marienthal - CTA (funky rhythm changes).mp3

Race To The Bridge - The Big Phat Band
Eric Marienthal - Race To The Bridge.mp3

**The Flintstones Theme (rhythm changes) - Roger Neumann / "Introducing Roger Neumann And His Very Large Band"
Eric Marienthal - The Flintstones Theme.mp3

**The Sun Was In My Eyes - Eric Marienthal / "Crossroads"
Eric Marienthal - The Sun Was In My Eyes.mp3
(Every time I hear Eric do the "Brecker harmonics" near the end of this solo, I fall out of my chair laughing. AWESOME!)

Take That! - Wayne Bergeron
Eric Marienthal - Take That.mp3





Eric playing two versions of "Got A Match?" w/ Chick Corea (his solos on both are KILLIN!)



Eric on "Body And Soul"


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