Man... Ernie Watts. I first started to check him out during the 80's on the "Tonight Show" band - then Buddy Rich's band. He and Pete Christlieb blew me away (while going to commercial breaks. Man, they played a lot of notes on that show!). I really don't have the right words to tell you what a nice, personable, spiritual, almost fatherly cat Ernie is (it's scary how much he reminds me of my own dad). I've met him a few times over the years and came away with something I'd never thought of before. He is a true woodwind master.



* = favorite
** = BURNIN'!
*** = legendary performance


*** "Cagney & Lacy" Theme - TV Show
Cagney And Lacey.mp3


Ernie trading with Pete Christlieb on a rhythm changes ("Sax Alley") with the "Tonight Show" band.
Pete Christlieb - Erniie Watts - Sax Alley.mp3


Ernie and Tom Scott locking horns on "Airegin"


Ernie working over a Selmer Series III



*On The Border - Ernie Watts Quartet
Ernie Watts - On The Border.mp3
Ernie Watts - On The Border.pdf (transcription)



**All The Things You Are - Live
Ernie Watts - All The Things You Are - Alto.mp3

**Skylark - Live
Ernie Watts - Skylark - Alto.mp3



- GRP All-Star Big Band
Ernie Watts - Airegin.mp3

**Blues Up And Down - The Tenor Trio
Ernie Watts - Blues Up And Down.mp3

**Byrdlike - George Cables
Ernie Watts - Byrdlike.mp3
Ernie Watts - Byrdlike.pdf (transcription)

**Continental Blues - Ernie Watts Quartet
Ernie Watts - Continental Blues.mp3
Ernie Watts - Continental Blues.pdf (transcription)

**Love For Sale - The Tenor Trio
Ernie Watts - Love For Sale.mp3

*Moten Swing - The Tenor Trio
Ernie Watts - Moten Swing.mp3

*The Transparent Sea
- Ernie Watts Quartet
Ernie Watts - Transparent Sea.mp3
Ernie Watts - Transparent Sea.pdf (transcription)

**Yes Or No - Brian Bromberg / "It's About Time"
Ernie Watts - Yes Or No.mp3



*Spirit Song - Ernie Watts / "Spirit Song" Watts - Spirit Song.mp3


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