Dr. Fred Selden is a Grammy nominated conductor, arranger and composer, and one of LA’s top session players. His musical talents have been featured in countless television and film projects, and he has a long history in the music business. He has recorded with such illustrious names as Don Ellis, Ringo Star, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Natalie Cole, Bill Holman and Lionel Hampton to name a few. Fred is also one of the pioneers in the use of the "Electronic Wind Instrument" (E.W.I.). He has received a Grammy Nomination, a Gold Record and the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences "Most Valuable Player Award" for three years running. He has also written numerous music education books and composed, arranged and performed on many albums.


Fred demonstrating some of his woodwind "doubles"


Fred's legendary solo woodwind performances on film include:
Blood Diamond
The Last Samurai
March of The Penguins


Fred playing lead alto / woodwind with the Milcho Leviev Big Band


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