Gary Gray's first movie recording session, for "Bonnie & Clyde", helped lead to the numerous movie scores he has played on during the last 30-odd years. Some most recent scores include "Matrix" I, II and III by Don Davis, "Finding Nemo" by Thomas Newman, "Bringing Down The House" by Lalo Schifrin, "Bruce Almighty" by John Debney, "Legally Blonde" I and II by Rolfe Kent, "Hollywood Homicide" by Alex Wurman as well as the HBO films "Angels in America" by Tom Newman and "Pancho Villa" by George Del Barrio.

His break into television recording came when Frank DeVol heard him play "Fiddler on the Roof" at the Los Angeles Music Center. "I had some nice clarinet solos and suddenly the next week, I was called to play the TV show 'My Three Sons.'" The tuneful saxophone theme song from this show was first recorded by saxophonist Phil Sobel, but in later seasons Gray is heard as the saxophonist as well as the clarinet player from the second season on. Gray has recorded numerous TV series during his career and can be heard most recently on many episodes of the series "Jag", music by Steve Bramson. For the fall 2001 season he recorded for the series "100 Centre Street" (music composed by his UCLA colleague Paul Chihara) and "The Simpsons" show with composer Alf Clausen. 



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