Besides "Cheers," his TV theme credits as a soloist include "Alf' — Alf Clausen; "Roseanna" and "Home Improvement" — Dan Foliart; "Knots Landing" - Jerrold Immel; "Showtime at the Apollo" (on NBC following "Saturday Night Live") - Barry Fasman; "The New Dating Game" — Chris Boardman: "The Bold and the BeautifuI" — David Kurtz; "Fortune Dane" (Carl Weathers — Apollo Creed from "Rocky"); "Cagney and Lacy" (with Ernie Watts); "Three's Company" (end credits) — Michael Lloyd productions.

Record solos include "Some Guys Have All the Luck" — Rod Stewart; "On the Radio" — Donna Summer, Giorgio Moroder producer; "She Works Hard for the Money" — Donna Summer, Michael O'Martian producer; "She's Like the Wind" from "Dirty Dancing" — Michael Lloyd prod.; Barbara Streisand "The Broadway Album"; Kenny Rogers "What About Me" — Sir George Martin (Beatles) prod.; Kenny Rogers, "Share Your Love," - Lionel Richie prod., David Benoit "Coconut Highway," — Don Grusin prod., "Northern Lights" — Dan Siegel as well as Barry Manilow, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Johnny Mathis, Phoebe Snow, "Freeflight" with Jim Walker - Stanley Clarke, prod.,"Whistling Midgets" (with Ernie Watts), Dan Dean and Tom Collier, Diane Schurr, "Pilot of My Destiny," "Paul Cipriano" (Cip's son) — Barry Fasman, prod.

Movie solos include "Romancing the Stone," "My Stepmother is an Alien" (with Kim Basinger), "Back to the Future I" and "II" — Alan Sylvestri, "Jumpin' Jack Flash" — Thomas Newman, "Three Men and a Baby" - Marvin Hamlisch, "White Knights" and "St. Elmo's Fire" — David Foster, "Barbarians at the Gate," "Fatal Instinct," "Honeymooners," "That Darn Cat," "Once Upon a Crime" - Richard Gibbs, "Police Academy I, II, III and IV" — Robert Folk.

14 Legendary Performances By Gary

Bi-Coastal - Peter Allen

Gary Herbig - Bicoastal.mp3

Cheers" (TV, Clarinet)
Gary Herbig - Cheers - Clarinet.mp3

Coconut Roads (Clarinet) - David Benoit

Gary Herbig - Cocoanut Roads - Clarinet.mp3

Hungry Eyes - Eric Carmen
Gary Herbig - Hungry Eyes.mp3

I've Had The Time Of My Life - Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes

Gary Herbig - Ive Had The Time Of My Life.mp3

Knot's Landing (TV)
Gary Herbig - Knots Landing.mp3

The New Odd Couple (TV)
Gary Herbig -The New Odd Couple.mp3

Number 8 - Gary Herbig

Gary Herbig - Number 8.mp3

On The Radio - Donna Summer

Gary Herbig - On The Radio.mp3

"Roseanne" (TV)
Gary Herbig - Roseanne.mp3

She Works Hard For The Money - Donna Summer

Gary Herbig - She Works Hard For The Money.mp3

She's Like The Wind - Patrick Swayze

Gary Herbig - Shes Like The Wind.mp3

Some Guys Have All The Luck - Rod Stewart

Gary Herbig - Some Guys Have All The Luck.mp3

Three's Company - end titles (TV)
Gary Herbig - Threes Company.mp3


Gary playing at the 1983 Kool Jazz Festival with Collier & Dean

(this is awesome!)


Gary playing bass clarinet in studio with Bob Belden
"In Questa Reggia" by Puccini


Gary soloing at "Jam for Jesus"


Gary playing tenor with Steve March Torme


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