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George was born in Alton, Illinois. His Father started giving him piano lessons at the age of 5 and when he was 7 he decided that he had to have a guitar; which was bothersome to his classically inclined parents. For years as a young fellow he was fortunate to play in many bands with the local musicians in Escondido, California, including Pete Harrison. Somewhere in there he tried Irish Dancing with his sister Susan, which wasn't too cool at that time. He became Jr.High School President by promising Coca Cola in all the water fountains. In high school he played any instrument that the marching band needed; like glockenspiel and flute, even snare drum. He tried studying music at San Diego State College for a year, but he wanted to get out there and play not talk about it! When he moved north to Los Angeles he brought with him a VW Van full of stringed instruments, an accordion and a determination to succeed in the music industry. A few years on the road with performers like, "Sonny & Cher" and "Seals & Crofts" cured him of the traveling bug. Finally, all those years of practicing guitar began to reap some benefits. These many years later he is a very successful studio musician who is sought out for his ability to read the written music but make it sound spontaneous. If you wait to the bitter end of many movie credits, you'll often find his name listed there. He is also listed in the credits of many popular CD's. Although he can play anything with strings, for the past few years he's enjoyed the challenge of bluegrass mandolin.


2012     Battleship [Original Score]     Steve Jablonsky     Guitar
2012     Dr. Seuss' The Lorax     John Powell     Guitar
2012     Ice Age: Continental Drift [Original Motion Picture Score]     John Powell     Banjo, Guitar
2012     John Carter     Michael Giacchino     Guitar
2012     Joyful Noise [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]         Guitar
2012     Men in Black 3 [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Danny Elfman     Guitar (Acoustic)
2011     Arthur [2011]         Guitar
2011     Fringe: Season 2     Michael Giacchino     Guitar
2011     Happy Feet Two [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     John Powell     Guitar
2011     Hop [Original Score]     Christopher Lennertz     Musician
2011     Larry Crowne         Guitar
2011     No Strings Attached [Score from the Motion Picture]     John Debney     Guitar
2011     Rango: Music from the Motion Picture     Hans Zimmer     Guitar
2011     Rio [Original Score]     John Powell     Guitar
2011     The Help [Original Score]     Thomas Newman     Cavaquinho, Coordination, Guitar (Steel), Hammer Dulcimer, Ukulele, Unknown Instrument, Zither
2011     The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn [Music from the Motion Picture]     John Williams     Guitar
2011     Tower Heist     Christophe Beck     Guitar
2011     X-Men: First Class [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Henry Jackman     Guitar
2011     Your Highness [Original Score]     Steve Jablonsky     Guitar
2010     Burlesque         Guitar
2010     Dinner for Schmucks     Theodore Shapiro     Guitar
2010     Fringe: Season 1     Chris Tilton     Guitar (Electric)
2010     Marmaduke     Christopher Lennertz     Guitars
2010     Music from Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore         Guitar
2010     Predators [Original Soundtrack]     John Debney     Guitars
2010     Supernatural, Seasons 1-5 [Original Television Soundtrack]     Jay Gruska  Dobro, Guitar
2010     Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps         Guitar
2009     Couples Retreat     A.R. Rahman     Guitar
2009     Doubt [Original Score]     Howard Shore     Guitar
2009     Duplicity [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     James Newton Howard     Guitar
2009     Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     John Powell Dulcimer, Guitar
2009     Imagine That [Soundtrack]         Guitar (Acoustic)
2009     Star Trek [Music from the Motion Picture]     Michael Giacchino     Guitar
2009     The Hangover [Soundtrack]         Guitar
2009     The Ugly Truth [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Aaron Zigman     Guitar
2009     Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen -- The Score     Steve Jablonsky     Guitar
2009     Year One [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Theodore Shapiro     Guitar, Main Personnel
2008     Appaloosa [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Jeff Beal     Banjo, Dulcimer, Guitar
2008     Bolt [Original Score]     John Powell     Dulcimer, Guitar
2008     Buffy the Vampire Slayer [Original Television Score]     Christophe Beck     Guitar, Main Personnel
2008     Dr. Seuss: Horton Hears a Who! [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Dulcimer, Guitar
2008     Hancock [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     John Powell     Dulcimer, Guitar
2008     Kit Kittredge: An American Girl         Guitar
2008     Marley & Me [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Theodore Shapiro     Guitar
2008     Meet Glen Campbell     Glen Campbell     Banjo, Featured Artist, Guitar (Acoustic), Mandolin
2008     Nights in Rodanthe [Original Motion Picture Score]     Jeanine Tesori     Guitar, Main Personnel
2008     Revolutionary Road     Thomas Newman     Coordination, E-Bow, Guitar (Electric), Hammer Dulcimer
2008     Sex and the City: Original Motion Picture Score     Aaron Zigman     Guitar
2008     Stop-Loss [Original Soundtrack]     John Powell     Guitar, Main Personnel
2008     The Curious Case of Benjamin Button [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Guitar
2008     The Life Before Her Eyes [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     James Horner     Guitar
2008     The Love Guru         Guitar (Electric), Sitar (Electric)
2008     Tropic Thunder [Original Motion Picture Score]     Theodore Shapiro     Guitar
2008     Vantage Point [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Atli Örvarsson     Dulcimer, Guitar
2008     WALL-E [Original Score]     Thomas Newman     Autoharp, Contrabass Guitar, Coordination, Dulcimer, E-Bow, Epinette, Guitar (Electric), Harp, Sound Coordinator, Valiha
2007     August Rush         Guitar, Soloist
2007     Blades of Glory [Original Motion Picture Score]     Theodore Shapiro     Guitar
2007     Bridge to Terabithia         Guitar, Main Personnel
2007     Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee [Music From The HBO Film]     George S. Clinton     Guitar
2007     Charlie Bartlett     Christophe Beck     Additional Personnel, Guitar, Primary Artist
2007     Charlie Wilson's War [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     James Newton Howard     Guitar
2007     Disturbia [Original Motion Picture Score]         Guitar, Primary Artist
2007     Hairspray [2007 Original Soundtrack]         Guitar, Musician, Performer, Rhythm
2007     Ocean's Thirteen     David Holmes     Dulcimer, Guitar
2007     Reign Over Me [Orginal Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Rolfe Kent     Guitar
2007     Shooter [Music from the Motion Picture]         Guitar
2007     Smokin' Aces [Original Motion Picture Score]     Clint Mansell     Guitar
2007     Transformers: The Score [Original Motion Picture Score]     Steve Jablonsky     Guitar
2007     Year of the Dog [Music from the Motion Picture]     Christophe Beck     Guitar
2006     Fun with Dick & Jane [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Theodore Shapiro     Percussion
2006     Happy Feet [Original Score]     John Powell     Cavaquinho, Dulcimer, Guitar
2006     Little Children [Original Motion Picture Score]     Thomas Newman     Bandurria, Guitar (Electric), Tremolo
2006     The Devil Wears Prada         Guitar
2006     The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada [Original Soundtrack]     Marco Beltrami     Guitar (Nylon String), Guitarron, Mandolin
2006     We Are Marshall [Original Motion Picture Score]     Christophe Beck     Guitar
2005     An Unfinished Life [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Deborah Lurie     Guitar
2005     Cinderella Man [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Thomas Newman     Autoharp, Concertina, Mandolin, Soloist
2005     Constantine [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Brian Tyler     Percussion
2005     Dark Water [Original Score]     Angelo Badalamenti     Guitar
2005     Dreamer [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     John Debney     Dulcimer, Guitar (Acoustic)
2005     Jarhead [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Thomas Newman     Guitar
2005     King Kong [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]         Guitar
2005     Lackawanna Blues         Guitar
2005     Meet the Fockers [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Randy Newman     Guitar
2005     Mr. & Mrs. Smith [Original Motion Picture Score]     John Powell     Guitar
2005     Robots [Original Soundtrack]         Guitar
2005     The Chumscrubber [Original Motion Picture Score]     James Horner     Guitar
2005     The Interpreter [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     James Newton Howard     Guitar
2005     The Island [Soundtrack]     Steve Jablonsky     Guitar
2005     The Legend of Zorro [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     James Horner     Guitars
2005     The Skeleton Key [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]         Guitar
2004     Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     James Horner Guitar, Soloist
2004     Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Thomas Newman     Bowed Dulcimer, Coordination, Dulcimer, Epinette, Hammer Dulcimer, Harp, Kantele, Mandocello, Soundtrack Coordination, Tumba, Viol
2004     Stealing Time [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Joey Newman     Guitar, Hammer Dulcimer, Mandola, Zither
2004     The Alamo [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Carter Burwell     Mandolin
2004     The Big Bounce [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     George S. Clinton     Group Member, Guitar, Hawaiian Lap Steel Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar
2004     The Bourne Supremacy [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     John Powell     Guitar
2004     The Village (Original Score)     James Newton Howard     Guitar
2004     Twisted [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Mark Isham     Percussion, Soloist, Strings
2003     Angels in America [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Thomas Newman     Guitar, Guitar (Electric Baritone), Kantele, Lute, Soloist, Unknown Contributor Role
2003     Brother Bear         Guitar, Musician
2003     Finding Nemo (An Original Soundtrack)     Thomas Newman     Bajo Sexto, Banjo, Baritone, Bowed Bass Dulcimer, Guitar (Baritone), Lyre, Tahitian Banjo, Ukulele
2003     Gigli [Original Motion Picture Score]     John Powell     Guitar
2003     Identity [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Alan Silvestri     Guitar
2003     Seabiscuit     Randy Newman     Guitar
2003     The Italian Job (2003) (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)     John Powell     Guitar
2003     Two Weeks Notice [Original Motion Picture Score]     John Powell     Guitar
2003     Under the Tuscan Sun (Original Score)     Christophe Beck     Guitar
2002     I Am Sam [Original Motion Picture Score]     John Powell     Guitar, Ukulele
2002     Road to Perdition [Music from the Motion Picture]     Thomas Newman     Bouzouki
2002     The Bourne Identity [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     John Powell     Guitar
2002     The Emperor's Club [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     James Newton Howard     Guitar
2002     The Salton Sea     Thomas Newman     Guitar, Mandolin, Sitar, Soloist, Unknown Contributor Role
2002     The Scorpion King [Original Motion Picture Score]     John Debney     Guitar
2002     Tuck Everlasting     William Ross     Guitar
2002     White Oleander [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Thomas Newman     Cavaquinho, Fiddle, Guitar (Electric), Saz, Soloist
2002     XXX [Original Motion Picture Score]     Randy Edelman     Guitar
2001     Bandits [2001 Sony]         Guitar
2001     Black Knight [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Randy Edelman     Guitar
2001     Bubble Boy [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     John Ottman     Guitar
2001     Cats and Dogs [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     John Debney     Guitar
2001     Evolution [Original Score]     John Powell     Guitar, Saxophone
2001     The Mexican [Music from the Motion Picture]     Alan Silvestri     Performer, Primary Artist
2001     The Princess Diaries [Original Score]     John Debney     Guitar
2000     American Beauty [Original Score]     Thomas Newman     Appalachian Dulcimer, Guitar (Steel), Mandola
2000     Erin Brockovich [Original Score]     Thomas Newman     Wurlitzer
2000     Pay It Forward     Thomas Newman     Dutar, Electric Autoharp, Guitar
2000     The Big Kahuna     Christopher Young     Guitar
1999     Bowfinger     David Newman     Guitar
1999     The Green Mile     Thomas Newman     Laud
1998     The Horse Whisperer [Original Score]     Thomas Newman     Multi Instruments
1997     Conspiracy Theory     Carter Burwell     Guitar
1997     Mad City [Original Score]     Thomas Newman     Guitar, Hawaiian Guitar
1997     Red Corner     Thomas Newman     Multi Instruments, Saz, Zheng
1997     That Darn Cat         Guitar
1997     The Postman [Original Score/Soundtrack] James Newton Howard Guitar (Acoustic), Mandolin
1997     The Rainmaker [Original Soundtrack]     Alex North     Guitar
1996     American Buffalo     Thomas Newman     Guitar, Harmonica
1996     Set It Off [Original Motion Picture Score]     Christopher Young     Guitar
1995     Cure [Original Soundtrack]     Dave Grusin     Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric)
1995     Star Trek Voyager: The Caretaker [Original TV Soundtrack]     Jay Chattaway     Banjo
1995     Unstrung Heroes     Thomas Newman     Guitar
1994     More Music from Northern Exposure         Guitar
1993     Hard Target     Graeme Revell     Guitar
1993     Muppet Beach Party     The Muppets     Guitar
1993     Sommersby     Danny Elfman     Guitar
1993     The Dinosaurs!     Peter Melnick     Guitar, Guitar (Electric)
1993     Theme from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine     Dennis McCarthy     Guitar
1992     Fried Green Tomatoes [Original Score]     Thomas Newman     Guitar, Mandolin
1991     Bingo [Original Soundtrack US]     Richard Gibbs     Dobro, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric)
1991     Switch [Original Score]     Henry Mancini     Guitar
1989     Old Gringo     Lee Holdridge     Guitar
1989     Upright     Philip Aaberg     Guitar (Electric)
1989     Working Girl         Guitar
1987     Desperately Seeking Susan & Making Mr. Right: Original Soundtracks Guitar
1985     The Color Purple [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]         Guitar
1982     The Dukes of Hazzard [Original TV Soundtrack]         Guitar
    Brothers at War [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Lee Holdridge     Guitar
    He's Just Not That Into You [Score]     Cliff Eidelman     Guitar
    People Like Us         Guitar
    Starhawk         Dobro, Electric Slide Guitar, Soloist
    The Hangover [Original Score]     Christophe Beck     Guitar
    The Tale of Despereaux [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Dulcimer, Guitar, Lute, Mandolin
    Valentine's Day         Guitars



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