Gordon's work as film orchestrator and conductor:

Con Air
Enemy Of The State
Gone In 60 Seconds
Remember The Titans
The Majestic
The One
Spy Kids 2
The Incredibles (Grammy)
National Treasure
Bah, Humduck (Composer)
Snakes On A Plane
Get Smart

Favorite Gordon Woodwind Solos

Around Every Corner (flute) - Grant Geissman / "All My Tomorrows"
Gordon Goodwin - Around Every Corner.mp3

Gumbo Street (tenor) - "Act Your Age"
Gordon Goodwin - Gumbo Street.mp3
Gordon Goodwin - Gumbo Street.pdf (transcription)

Hot Monkey Love (alto) - "Close To The Edge"
Gordon Goodwin - Hot Monkey Love.mp3

Hunting Wabbits (tenor) - "XXL"
Gordon Goodwin - Hunting Wabbits.mp3
Gordon Goodwin - Hunting Wabbits.pdf (transcription)

It Was A Very Good Year (tenor) - "The Phat Pack"
Gordon Goodwin - It Was A Very Good Year.mp3

Mama Llama Samba (tenor) - "Close to the Edge"
Gordon Goodwin - Mama Llama Samba.mp3

Second Chances (soprano) - "Swingin' For The Fences"
Gordon Goodwin - Mama Llama Samba.mp3

The Quiet Corner (soprano) - "XXL"
Gordon Goodwin - The Quiet Corner.mp3

Yo Tannenbaum (tenor) - "Bah. Humduck"
Gordon Goodwin - Yo Tannenbaum.mp3
Gordon Goodwin - Yo Tannenbaum.pdf (transcription)


Favorite Gordon Piano Solos

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen


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