Peter Allen / "Not The Boy Next Door"

"Not The Boy Next Door" (outro)
(The lick at 1:31 of the clip is SICK! Jerry and Gary both take the lick up an octave)
Jerry Hey - Not the Boy Next Door - outro.mp3

Special thanks to my new friend Mark Taylor in Australia for this rare audio!

Jerry Hey, Gary Grant, Larry Hall - trumpets
Bill Reichenbach - trombone
Tom Scott - sax solo

Gilberto Gil / "Realce"

(the end of this tune is awesome!)
Jerry Hey - Realce.mp3

Trumpets: Jerry Hey, Gary Grant, Larry Hall
Trombone: Bill Reichenbach
Saxophone: Larry Williams

"Quiero" / Luis Miguel

Jerry Hey, Chuck Findley, Gary Grant  [trumpets]
Bill Reichenbach [trombones]
 Dan Higgins [saxophone, solo]

"Carioca Rap" from Oscar Castro-Neves' "Brazilian Scandals"

Great low register playing from Jerry and Chuck. The lines are so fast that Bill Reichenbach had to pick up valve trombone on this one.

Carioca Rap.mp3

Jerry Hey, Chuck Findley [trumpets]
Bill Reichenbach [valve and bass trombone]

Gary & Jerry

Frank Sinatra & The Quincy Jones Big Band

"Stormy Weather"

(please be patient, this will take a few minutes!)
Sammy Nestico [arranger]
Jerry Hey, Gary Grant, Snooky Young, Oscar Brashear [trumpets]
Lew McCreary, Bill Watrous, George Bohanon, Bill Reichenbach [trombones]
Jerome Richardson, Buddy Collette, Larry Williams, Kim Hutchcroft, Bill Green [saxes]

Jim Self [tuba]
Ndugu Chancler, Lee Ritenour, Neil Stubenhaus, Randy Kerber, Craig Huxley [rhythm]

"Easy To Love" - Diane Schuur

Easy To Love.mp3

Jerry, Chuck Findley, Gary Grant, Warren Luening [trumpets]
Charlie Loper, Bill Reichenbach,  Bill Watrous, Tommy Johnson [trombones]
Bill Perkins, Tom Scott,  Pete Christlieb, Gary Herbig, Jack Nimitz [saxes]
Dave Grusin, Steve Schaeffer, Chuck Berghofer, Lee Ritenour [rhythm]
"El Barrio" - Bill Summers

El Barrio.mp3

Jerry [lead and solo trumpet]
Oscar Brashear [trumpet]
Dick Hyde, Bennie Powell [trombones]
Ernie Watts, Bill Green [saxes]

"Carnaval" - Sergio Mendes
(great staccato 16th notes!)


Jerry Hey [trumpet]
Gary Grant [trumpet]
Bill Reichenbach [trombone, tuba, & tuba solo]
Ernie Watts [piccolo]

"Tower Of Inspiration" - Dave Weckl

Tower Of Inspiration (horn outro).mp3

Jerry Hey [trumpets]
Bill Reichenbach [trombones]


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