Below areJerry Hey's recorded open trumpet, harmon, flugel, and piccolo trumpet solos - some with transcriptions.
My personal favorites are highlighted. Enjoy! - GW.

Jerry soloing over "Killer Joe" with Quincy Jones

Jerry soloing on "Ironside" with Quincy Jones

Beyond The Frontier (flugel) – Jimsaku

Jerry Hey - Beyond The Frontier.mp3

Brooklyn Blues (flugel) – Barry Manilow

Jerry Hey - Brooklyn Blues.mp3

Carriage (flugel) – The Counting Crows

Jerry Hey - Carriage.mp3

Do Nothing ‘Til You Hear From Me (plunger) – Quincy Jones

Jerry Hey - Do Nothin' Til You Hear From Me.mp3

Eddie’s Theme (flugel) – Who Framed Roger Rabbit Soundtrack

Jerry Hey - Eddie's Theme.mp3

Enchanted Dance (flugel) - Seawind

Jerry Hey - Enchanted Dance.mp3

Garden Party (trumpet) – Mezzoforte

Jerry Hey - Garden Party.mp3

Heart Hotels (trumpet, with effects) – Dan Fogelberg

Jerry Hey - Heart Hotels.mp3

He Loves You – Seawind

He Loves You - Flugel Solo.mp3

He Loves You - Jerry Hey flugelhorn solo.pdf

If There’s A Question (flugel) - Repercussions

Jerry Hey - If Theres A Question.mp3

I Love You With My Life (flugel) – Bryan Duncan

Jerry Hey - I Love You With My Life .mp3

I Need You Now (flugel) – George Duke

Jerry Hey - I Need You Now.mp3

Ironside Theme (trumpet) – Quincy Jones

Jerry Hey - Ironside.mp3

I’ve Had The Time Of My Life (trumpet) – Dirty Dancing Soundtrack

Jerry Hey - I've Had The Time Of My Life.mp3

Longer (flugel) – Dan Fogelberg

Jerry Hey - Longer.mp3

Loving You More And More (flugel) – Michael Franks

Jerry Hey - Loving You More and More.mp3

Mr. Rodriguez’s Opus (flugel) – Davis Benoit

Jerry Hey - Mr Rodriguezs Opus.mp3

Murphy’s Law (piccolo trumpet) – Al Jarreau

Jerry Hey - Murphy's Law.mp3

Jerry Hey - Murphy's Law.pdf

My Old Friend (flugel) – Al Jarreau

Jerry Hey - My Old Friend .mp3

Mysterious / Colors of The Wind (flugel)

Jerry Hey - Mysterious - Colors Of The Wind.mp3

Other People’s Rooms (flugel) – Marc Jordan

Jerry Hey - Other Peoples Rooms.mp3

Pensando (flugel) – Oscar Castro-Neves

Jerry Hey - Pensando1.mp3

Jerry Hey - Pensando2.mp3

Pushin’ (trumpet) – Rocky III

Jerry Hey - Pushin.mp3

Redneck Riviera (trumpet) – Jacob Magnusson

Jerry Hey - Redneck Riviera.mp3

Samba Dese Days (flugel - with Chuck Findley) – Mike Melvoin

Chuck Findley & Jerry Hey - Samba Dese Days.mp3

Samba Dese Days - Chuck Findley & Jerry Hey.pdf

Slippin’ Away (flugel) – Leon Ware

Jerry Hey - Slippin Away.mp3

Someone To Watch Over Me (harmon) – Pauline Wilson

Jerry Hey - Someone To Watch Over Me .mp3

Summer Breezin’ (flugel) – George Duke

Jerry Hey - Summer Breezin.mp3

Sweet Freedom (trumpet) – Michael McDonald / Running Scared Soundtrack

Jerry Hey - Sweet Freedom.mp3

Swing Street (harmon) – Barry Manilow

Jerry Hey - Swing Street.mp3

The B.P. Blues (harmon) – Larry Carlton

Jerry Hey - The BP Blues.mp3

The Hornet (flugel) – The Yellowjackets

Jerry Hey - The Hornet.mp3

The Hornet - Jerry Hey.pdf

The Way She Walks (flugel) – Boney James

Jerry Hey - The Way She Walks.mp3

The Witching Hour (harmon) – Sammy Nestico / Quincy Jones Big Band

Jerry Hey - The Witching Hour.mp3

The Wonder Of It All (flugel) – Adrian Gurvitz

Jerry Hey - The Wonder Of It All.mp3

Things Change (flugel) – Sheffield Lab

Things Change.mp3

Vivaldi’s Song (flugel) – Claus Ogerman / Marc Almond

Jerry Hey - Vivaldis Song.mp3


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