John Yoakum is a Los Angeles TV and film studio musician, working professionally since 1976. A multi-talented woodwind doubler, on any one day he can be contracted for a session playing just one instrument or possibly ten or more!

He has played on hundreds of recordings and specializes in "sweetening" tracks that are recorded using midi instruments. When a composer uses samplers and synthesizers to record music, the human element of emotion can be missing. This is where an acoustic musician can shine!

John can be heard playing on TV shows such as Ally McBeal, Boston Public, Strong Medicine, Futurama, King of the Hill, and Dragontales.

He also has recorded episodes for Providence, The Simpsons, NYPD Blue, and was the soloist on the TV series Silk Stalkings. Some of his film credits include All the Pretty Horses, Lethal Weapon 4, Negotiator, The Siege and Man on the Moon. John is also active recording jingles and in the Broadway shows that come through Los Angeles.


5 Great Performances By John

America The Beautiful (tenor) - Kim Richmond
John Yoakum - America The Beautiful - Tenor.mp3

I Can Let Go Now (clarinet) - Elizabeth Ward Land
John Yoakum - I Can Let Go Now - Clarinet.mp3

Kickin' Back (alto) - John Yoakum
John Yoakum - Kickin Back - Alto.mp3

My Favorite Things (oboe) - Masanori Sasaji
John Yoakum - My Favorite Things - Oboe.mp3

The Incredibles - Soundtrack
John Yoakum - Incredibles - Incredits.mp3


John in session with the Big Phat Band on "Comes Love" (2nd alto)


John soloing with the John DaVersa Big Band


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