Jon Lewis is another one of those guys who possesses an INCREDIBLE trumpet sound. He also seems to show up on every soundtrack. Watch out for him. I think he is a future candidate for most soundtracks ever recorded by a trumpet player.


Jon Lewis began playing trumpet at 9 years old in Virginia. He studied in High School with Pat Mastroleo, the 1st chair trumpet in the US Army  Band in Washington, D.C. Jon attended the University of Kansas where he studied with Roger Stoner and graduated with a trumpet performance degree in 1981. Upon moving to Los Angeles, Jon studied for several years with Jimmy Stamp. Other teachers have included Tom Stevens, Tony Plog, Armando Ghitalla, and Bob Findley.

Jon moved to Los Angeles in 1981 and has worked in many diverse settings including Big Bands, Latin Bands, Brass Quintets, Solo Performances,  Orchestras, Concert Bands and everything in between. Since the 1990s Jon has been one of the Los Angeles recording players, having worked on over 500 movies and over 1000 TV and cartoon shows. He still remains busy in the live  music arena as well, playing Principal Trumpet in both the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra and the Santa Barbara Symphony orchestra. He is a charter member of the Los Angeles Chamber Brass Quintet which performs in the LA area. Jon has  also performed with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Pasadena Symphony, the Los Angeles Opera, the Pasadena Pops Orchestra, the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra.

Jon's solo trumpet can be heard on the TV series' JAG, Deep  Space Nine, and the other Star Trek series shows. He has also been a soloist at the International Trumpet Guild, the Long Beach Symphony, the Santa Barbara Symphony, the Pasadena Symphony. Jon travels throughout the United States  and internationally playing solo concerts and teaching masterclasses. He is the trumpet teacher at the California State University in Northridge, CSUN. Jon plays on around 40 or so movies each year.


2012     Men in Black 3 [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Danny Elfman     Trumpet
2012     Snow White & the Huntsman         Trumpet
2012     Ted [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Walter Murphy     Trumpet
2012     The Amazing Spider-Man [Music from the Motion Picture]     James Horner     Trumpet
2011     Rango: Music from the Motion Picture     Hans Zimmer     Trumpet
2011     The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn [Music from the Motion Picture]     Trumpet
2011     Water for Elephants     James Newton Howard     Cornet, Trumpet
2011     X-Men: First Class [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Henry Jackman     Trumpet
2010     Dinner for Schmucks     Theodore Shapiro     Trumpet
2010     Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief     Christophe Beck     Trumpet
2010     Repo Men         Trumpet
2010     The Last Airbender     James Newton Howard     Trumpet
2010     The Pacific [Original Score]     Geoff Zanelli     Trumpet
2009     Avatar     James Horner     Trumpet
2009     Couples Retreat     A.R. Rahman     Trumpet
2009     Michael Jackson's This Is It     Michael Jackson     Bugle, Piccolo Trumpet
2009     Star Trek [Music from the Motion Picture]     Michael Giacchino     Trumpet
2009     Trick 'R Treat: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack     Douglas Pipes     Trumpet
2009     Watchmen [Original Motion Picture Score]     Tyler Bates     Trumpet
2009     X-Men Origins: Wolverine [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Trumpet
2009     Year One [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Theodore Shapiro     Main Personnel, Trumpet
2008     The Express [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]         Soloist, Trumpet
2008     Marley & Me [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Theodore Shapiro     Trumpet
2008     Stop-Loss [Original Soundtrack]     John Powell     Trumpet
2008     The Curious Case of Benjamin Button [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Trumpet
2008     Tropic Thunder [Original Motion Picture Score]     Theodore Shapiro     Trumpet
2008     WALL-E [Original Score]     Thomas Newman     Trumpet
2008     Wanted [Original Score]     Danny Elfman     Trumpet
2007     Blades of Glory [Original Motion Picture Score]     Theodore Shapiro     Trumpet
2007     Bridge to Terabithia         Trumpet
2007     Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Trumpet
2007     Hairspray [2007 Original Soundtrack]         Trumpet
2007     Next [Music from the Motion Picture]     Mark Isham     Trumpet
2007     Shooter [Music from the Motion Picture]         Trumpet
2007     Transformers: The Score [Original Motion Picture Score]     Steve Jablonsky     Trumpet
2006     The Sentinel [Original Film Score]     Christophe Beck     Main Personnel, Trumpet
2006     X-Men: The Last Stand [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     John Powell      Trumpet
2006     X2: X-Men United [Original Motion Picture Score]     John Ottman     Trumpet
2005     Constantine [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Brian Tyler     Trumpet
2005     Dreamer [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     John Debney     Trumpet
2005     Elektra [Original Motion Picture Score]     Christophe Beck     Group Member, Trumpet
2005     Fantastic 4 [Original Motion Picture Score]     John Ottman     Trumpet
2005     King Kong [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]         Trumpet
2005     Meet the Fockers [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Randy Newman     Principal, Trumpet
2005     Robots [Original Score]     John Powell     Trumpet
2005     The Legend of Zorro [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     James Horner     Trumpet
2005     War of the Worlds [Music from the Motion Picture]         Trumpet
2004     Alias: Season Two [Original Television Soundtrack]     Michael Giacchino     Trumpet
2004     Day After Tomorrow     Harald Kloser     Principal, Trumpet
2004     Flight of the Phoenix [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Marco Beltrami     Trumpet
2004     I, Robot [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Marco Beltrami     Trumpet
2004     Miracle (Original Soundtrack)     Mark Isham     Trumpet
2004     Spider-Man 2 [Original Motion Picture Score]         Trumpet
2003     Alias [Original Television Soundtrack]     Michael Giacchino     Trumpet
2003     Bruce Almighty [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     John Debney     Trumpet
2003     Bulletproof Monk [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Eric Serra     Trumpet
2003     Peter Pan [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     James Newton Howard     Trumpet
2003     Scary Movie 3         Trumpet
2003     Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Principal Trumpet
2003     Timeline [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Brian Tyler     Principal, Trumpet
2003     X2 [Original Motion Picture Score]     John Ottman     Trumpet
2002     Blade II     Marco Beltrami     Trumpet
2002     Eight Legged Freaks [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     John Ottman     Trumpet
2002     Enough     David Arnold     Trumpet
2002     Far From Heaven [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Elmer Bernstein     Trumpet
2002     Ice Age [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     David Newman     Trumpet
2002     The Scorpion King [Original Motion Picture Score]     John Debney     Trumpet
2001     Bubble Boy [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     John Ottman     Trumpet
2001     Don't Say a Word [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Mark Isham     Trumpet
2001     Rush Hour 2 [Original Motion Picture Score]         Trumpet
1997     Conspiracy Theory     Carter Burwell     Trumpet    Trumpet
1992     Grand Canyon [Original Soundtrack]     James Newton Howard     Trumpet
    Human Target: Season 1     Bear McCreary     Trumpet
    Role Models [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]         Trumpet
    The Tale of Despereaux [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]         Trumpet


**  = BURNIN'!
*** = legendary performance


***NBC News / "Meet The Press" Theme
NBC News Theme.mp3
Trumpets: Tim Morrison, Malcolm McNab (prin.), Rick Baptist, David Washburn, Warren Luening, Jon Lewis, Wayne Bergeron
composer: John Williams
(ALL STAR TEAM! Gives me shivers everytime I hear it...)

***CBS Evening News
(Opening & Closing Themes)

Trumpets: Tim Morrison, Jon Lewis, Malcolm McNab (prin.), David Washburn,Wayne Bergeron, Marissa Benedict Evening News - Open.mp3
David Washburn - CBS Evening News Theme.mp3 Evening News - Close.mp3


John Williams & The Hollywood Studio Symphony recording the NBC Nightly News Theme
Trumpets: Malcolm McNab, Tim Morrison, Jon Lewis, Dave Washburn (not playing)


Jon interviewed about recording in L.A.


***Far From Heaven - Elmer Bernstein / Soundtrack
Jon Lewis - Far From Heaven.mp3
Jon - principal and solo trumpet

**Star Trek: Generations - Dennis McCarthy / Soundtrack
Jon Lewis - Star Trek Generations.mp3
Jon Lewis - Star Trek Generations 2.mp3
Jon Lewis - Star Trek Generations 3.mp3
Jon Lewis - Star Trek Generations 4.mp3
Jon - all trumpet solos

***Star Trek: The Next Generation (Main Theme)
TV Series

Star Trek - The Next Generation - Main Theme.mp3
Trumpets: Jon (principal), Chuck Findley, Bobby Findley, Stu Blumberg

***Star Trek Voyager (Main Title)

Jon Lewis - Star Trek Voyager.mp3
Jon - solo trumpet

The Day After Tomorrow
The Day After Tomorrow.mp3
Rose Corrigan (prin.), Dave riddles [bassoons]
Gary Bovyer (prin.), Gary Gray, Mike Grego, Jim Ercole [clarinet]
Heather Clark (prin.), Jim Walker, Sue Greenberg, Steve Kujala, Geri Rotella [flutes]
Jim Atkinson (prin.), Jim Thatcher, Rick Todd, Nate Campbell, Dave Duke, Dan Kelley, Brad Kintscher, Paul Klintworth, Joe Meyer, Brian O'Connor, John Reynolds, Kurt Snyder, Phil Yao [horns]
Phil Ayling (prin.), Kathy Del Russo, Joe Stone, Joel Timm [oboes]
Bill Booth (prin.), Alex Iles, Alan Kaplan, Andy Malloy, Bob Payne, Bob Sanders [trombones]
Jon Lewis (prin.), Warren Luening, Rick Baptist, Wayne Bergeron, Charley Davis, Larry Hall, Bob O'Donnell [trumpets]

**The Express: The Ernie Davis Story - Mark Isham / Soundtrack
Jon Lewis - The Express.mp3
Jon - principal and solo trumpet


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