I can't say enough about Larry Hall. He is one the most underrated, burnin' trumpet players in LA. He is primarily known for playing 2nd, 3rd, or 4th trumpet, but plays fantastic lead and very tasteful jazz. He one of those rare players who is beloved by all, not only for his incredible trumpet playing, but his very modest and humble personality. He is an unsung hero in the LA studios, a covert legend, and a musician's musician. One of my very favorite players.


"Larry Hall's trumpet playing is only surpassed by his class and humility"
Dan Higgins

"One of the most inspiring people out here. The coolest."
Phil O'Connor

"On my first day at I.U. I went to the music school to see the building and just "check it out". As I went to the third floor near Bill Adam's studio I heard something I had never heard before - the sound of three glorious trumpet players practicing their warm-up routines together. I went into the room and introduced myself. "Bart Marantz from Miami, Florida," I said. "Oh, hi, I'm Charlie Davis", "I'm Larry Hall" and "I'm Jerry Hey" were the replies. If you know about trumpets and trumpet playing, then you know that these musicians have become the leaders on the instrument in today's music industry... On my first day at I.U. I had heard what were to become the leaders of trumpet playing for the studios of Los Angeles in the future. I was floored and went back to my apartment with a new sense of what the trumpet could sound like and a new determination to improve my own playing abilities."
Bart Marantz


It's not very often, rare in fact, that Larry steps out of the shadows to play lead on a track, but I've managed to dig up some tracks. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! AWESOME stuff!

4 Great Performances By Larry

East By South - Yutaka
Larry Hall - East By South.mp3

La Hija De La Luna - Jose Feliciano
Larry Hall - La Hija De La Luna.mp3

Living Inside Of Your Love - Yutaka
Larry Hall - Living Inside Of Your Love.mp3

Valdez In The Country - Ernie Watts
Larry Hall - Valdez In The Country.mp3


Other Legendary Performances With Larry

Equinox - Anne McGinty, composer
Larry Hall - Equinox.mp3
David Wailes – Cornet
Andrew Pelletier – Horn
Jenny Kim – Horn
Bruce Hudson – Horn
Doug Tornquist – Tuba
Marissa Benedict – Trumpet
Larry Hall – Trumpet
Alex Iles – Trombone
Philip Keen – Trombone
Bill Reichenbach – Bass Trombone

Just A Minute - Jerry Hey, composer
Larry Hall - Just A Minute.mp3
Charley Davis, trumpet
Gary Grant, trumpet
Larry Hall, trumpet
Jerry Hey, trumpet

The Sterling Shuffle - Bill Liston, composer
Larry Hall - Sterling Shuffle.mp3
Charley Davis, trumpet
Gary Grant, trumpet
Larry Hall, trumpet
Jerry Hey, trumpet


While researching this page, I found out that Larry played on 3 of my favorite TV themes of all time...

3 Legendary TV Themes By Larry

"Cagney & Lacey"
Larry Hall - Cagney And Lacey.mp3
Trumpets: Larry, Jerry Hey, Gary Grant, Malcolm McNab


Larry Hall - Coach.mp3
Trumpets: Larry, Bobby Findley

"Too Close For Comfort"

Larry Hall - Too Close For Comfort.mp3
Trumpets: Larry, Chuck Findley


Solos By Larry

"Initiation" (Max Highstein) - Flugel


In my opinion, one of the best recorded trumpet sections ever is from The Big Phat Band's "Swingin' For Fences". "Count Bubba" STILL sets a precedent for homogeneity of sound and "sizzle". Larry's HUGE sound contributed to this legendary, "dream team" trumpet section.

Gary Grant, lead
Jerry Hey, 2nd
Wayne Bergeron, 3rd
Larry Hall, 4th
Dan Savant, 5th

Gary Grant - Count Bubba - Lead.mp3


Larry in session with the Resonance Big Band
Trumpets: Willie Murillo, Larry, Larry Lunetta, Bob Summers.


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