I fondly think of Mr. McNab as "principal trumpet of the soundtrack to my life". Literally, he has played 1st trumpet on almost every Hollywood film since the year I was born, 1970 (a staggering total of about 2000 movie soundtracks... and counting). He was also one of the first people I contacted when gathering info (and pics) for my book and this website some six years ago. He was absolutely delightful with his time and extremely supportive about my endeavor. I have nothing but the utmost of respect for this living legend. Thank you, Malcolm, for the great memories... from ALL of us - Gio.




Malcolm Boyd McNab is a trumpeter and player of other brass instruments, and a Los Angeles-based session musician who has performed on nearly 2000 film and television soundtracks.

Raised in the San Gabriel Valley, McNab began studying the trumpet at the age of nine, with his father as his first teacher. Later, he studied with Pasadena maestro Walter Laursen, and performed with the Pasadena Symphony at the age of sixteen while still attending Mark Keppel High School in Alhambra.

After touring with the San Francisco Ballet and service in the U.S. Army, playing with the West Point band, he studied privately in New York City with John Ware and William Vacchiano.

On returning to Southern California, McNab began working as a session musician as well as playing live solo performances with various regional orchestras. Since 1970, he has recorded classical music with such organizations as the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, and the New York City Opera.

His recording credits in popular music include albums with Dionne Warwick, Peggy Lee, Chicago, and The Carpenters, as well as less well-known artists such as Van Dyke Parks. He has also appeared on albums by Frank Zappa, including Joe's Domage, Studio Tan and Imaginary Diseases.

He has performed on albums by jazz musicians such as Les McCann, and from 1975 until its demise in 1988, McNab played trumpet with the experimental session group, the Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Symphony Orchestra.

It is the soundtracks of popular films and television shows which have made Malcolm McNab's playing familiar to hundreds of millions of people who have never heard his name. However, in November 2006 Malcolm released his first solo album titled Exquisite. He has also given solo performances on the soundtracks of such television shows as Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, and Highway to Heaven, and has been featured as a solo artist on the soundtracks of numerous films, including E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Jaws, Scrooged, Cocoon: The Return, Coming to America, Indiana Jones, Star Trek, The Package, The Karate Kid III, The Little Mermaid, Field of Dreams, Glory, The War of the Roses, Always, Hard to Kill, Nightbreed, Pretty Woman, Hoffa, The Edge, Soldier, Dick Tracy, Home Alone, Edward Scissorhands, The Bonfire of the Vanities, Misery, Hook, Beauty and the Beast, Final Analysis, The Rocketeer, Sleepwalkers, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Jurassic Park, Wyatt Earp, Outbreak, First Knight, Small Soldiers, Far and Away, Dinosaur, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Peter Pan, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, National Treasure, Treasure Planet, The Simpsons Movie, Spaceballs, Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, Timeline, Spider-Man, Under Siege 2: Dark Territory, Meet the Robinsons, The Patriot, Waterworld, Serenity, The Net, My Fellow Americans, Space Jam, Toy Story, James and the Giant Peach, A Bug's Life, Monsters, Inc., The First Wives Club, Mars Attacks!, 101 Dalmatians, Dante's Peak, Liar Liar, Cats & Dogs, Mulan, The Matrix, Planet of the Apes, War of the Worlds, Godzilla, Starship Troopers, The Polar Express, The Wild, The Lost World, The Shadow, Men in Black, Leatherheads, Minority Report, The Pursuit of Happyness, Speed 2: Cruise Control, Batman & Robin, My Best Friend's Wedding, Hercules, Mission: Impossible, Van Helsing, Firewall, Signs, Dreamcatcher, Meet Dave, Monster House, The Sixth Sense, The Sum of All Fears, Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean, Hulk, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, A Christmas Carol, Lady in the Water, The Happening and WALL-E.

His solo trumpet can be heard on such soundtracks as: Dances with Wolves, The Gambler, Avalon, Crimson Tide, City Hall, In Country, Twister, Executive Decision, Independence Day, Con Air, Rudy, The Last Castle, Air Force One, The Postman, Cars, I Am Legend, U.S. Marshals, The Interpreter, Renaissance Man, Toys, Darkman, Maverick, Night at the Museum and L.A. Confidential.

Malcolm has also found time to teach music at various schools, including UCLA, Pomona College, and branches of the California State University. He has twice been the recipient of the Most Valuable Player Award of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.


2012     John Carter     Michael Giacchino     Trumpet
2012     Snow White & the Huntsman         Trumpet
2011     Arthur [2011]         Trumpet
2011     Rango: Music from the Motion Picture     Hans Zimmer     Trumpet
2011     The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn [Music from the Motion Picture]     Trumpet
2011     The Danny Elfman & Tim Burton 25th Anniversary Music Box     Tim Burton     Trumpet
2011     War Horse [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]         Trumpet
2011     Water for Elephants     James Newton Howard     Cornet, Trumpet
2011     X-Men: First Class [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Henry Jackman     Trumpet
2010     Dinner for Schmucks     Theodore Shapiro     Trumpet
2010     Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief     Christophe Beck     Trumpet
2010     The Last Airbender     James Newton Howard     Trumpet
2009     Couples Retreat     A.R. Rahman     Trumpet
2009     Public Enemies [Score]     Elliot Goldenthal     Trumpet
2009     Star Trek [Music from the Motion Picture]     Michael Giacchino     Trumpet
2009     Trick 'R Treat: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack     Douglas Pipes     Trumpet
2009     X-Men Origins: Wolverine [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Trumpet
2009     Year One [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Theodore Shapiro     Trumpet
2008     I Am Legend [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     James Newton Howard   Trumpet
2008     Leatherheads [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Randy Newman     Trumpet
2008     Marley & Me [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Theodore Shapiro     Trumpet
2008     Nights in Rodanthe [Original Motion Picture Score]     Jeanine Tesori     Trumpet
2008     The Curious Case of Benjamin Button [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Trumpet
2008     Tropic Thunder [Original Motion Picture Score]     Theodore Shapiro     Trumpet
2008     WALL-E [Original Score]     Thomas Newman     Trumpet
2008     Wanted [Original Score]     Danny Elfman     Trumpet
2007     August Rush         Trumpet
2007     Blades of Glory [Original Motion Picture Score]     Theodore Shapiro     Trumpet
2007     Bridge to Terabithia         Trumpet
2007     Shooter [Music from the Motion Picture]         Trumpet
2007     Smokin' Aces [Original Motion Picture Score]     Clint Mansell     Trumpet
2007     Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [2007 Soundtrack]         Trumpet
2007     The Enforcer [1976 Soundtrack]         Trumpet
2007     The Simpsons Movie: The Music [Original Soundtrack]     The Simpsons     Trumpet
2007     Transformers: The Score [Original Motion Picture Score]     Steve Jablonsky     Trumpet
2006     Freedomland [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     James Newton Howard     Trumpet
2006     Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing and Charm School     Mark Adler     Trumpet
2006     Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins [Original Motion Picture Score]     Craig Safan     Trumpet
2006     Serenada Schizophrana     Danny Elfman     Trumpet
2006     The World's Fastest Indian [Music from the Motion Picture]     J. Peter Robinson     Trumpet
2006     We Are Marshall [Original Motion Picture Score]     Christophe Beck     Trumpet
2005     Dark Water [Original Score]     Angelo Badalamenti     Trumpet
2005     Dreamer [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     John Debney     Trumpet
2005     Four Brothers [Score from the Motion Picture]     David Arnold     Trumpet
2005     Stripes [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Elmer Bernstein     Trumpet
2005     War of the Worlds [Music from the Motion Picture]         Trumpet
2005     Elektra [Original Motion Picture Score]     Christophe Beck     Trumpet
2005     Meet the Fockers [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Randy Newman     Trumpet
2005     The Interpreter [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     James Newton Howard     Trumpet
2004     Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Trumpet
2004     The Terminal [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]         Trumpet
2004     Alias: Season Two [Original Television Soundtrack]     Michael Giacchino     Trumpet
2004     Surviving Christmas [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Randy Edelman     Trumpet
2003     Alias [Original Television Soundtrack]     Michael Giacchino     Trumpet
2003     Dreamcatcher [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     James Newton Howard     Trumpet
2003     Elf [Original Motion Picture Score]     John Debney     Trumpet
2003     Jeepers Creepers 2 [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]         Principal Trumpet
2003     Looney Tunes: Back in Action [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Jerry Goldsmith     Trumpet
2003     Peter Pan [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Principal Trumpet
2003     Scary Movie 3         Principal  Trumpet
2003     Seabiscuit     Randy Newman     Trumpet
2003     Tears of the Sun [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Hans Zimmer     Trumpet
2002     The Emperor's Club [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     James Newton Howard     Trumpet
2002     Antwone Fisher     Mychael Danna     Trumpet
2002     Solaris [Original Score]     Cliff Martinez     Trumpet
2001     Don't Say a Word [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Mark Isham     Trumpet
2001     Evolution [Original Score]     John Powell     Trumpet
2001     The Glass House [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Christopher Young     Trumpet
2001     The Last Castle [Music from the Motion Picture]     Jerry Goldsmith     Trumpet
1997     Conspiracy Theory     Carter Burwell     Trumpet
1997     Crimson Tide/The Rock     Hans Zimmer     Trumpet
1996     101 Dalmations (Live Action)     Michael Kamen     Trumpet
1994     Renaissance Man [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Hans Zimmer     Trumpet
1994     Maverick     Randy Newman     Trumpet
1993     The Three Musketeers [Original Sountrack]     Michael Kamen     Trumpet
1993     Theme from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine     Dennis McCarthy     Trumpet
1992     Grand Canyon [Original Soundtrack]     James Newton Howard     Trumpet
1992     The Babe     Elmer Bernstein     Trumpet
1992     Toys [Geffen]         Trumpet
1989     Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Trumpet
1989     The Punisher [Original Motion Picture Score]     Dennis Dreith     Trumpet
1989     Old Gringo     Lee Holdridge     Trumpet
1987     Harry and the Hendersons [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Bruce Broughton     Trumpet
1985     Red Dawn [Complete Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Basil Poledouris     Trumpet
    Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey: Music from the Motion Picture [Score]         Trumpet
    Role Models [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]         Trumpet
    The Tale of Despereaux [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]         Trumpet
    The Trumpet of the Swan     Jason Robert Brown     Trumpet


3 Legendary Malcolm McNab Film Solos

Dances With Wolves
Malcolm McNab - Dances With Wolves.mp3

L.A. Confidential
Malcolm McNab - LA Confidential.mp3

The Last Castle
Malcolm McNab - The Last Castle Solo.mp3


***NBC News / "Meet The Press" Theme
http://www.lastudiomusicians.org/NBC News Theme.mp3
Trumpets: Malcolm McNab (prin.), Rick Baptist, Tim Morrison, David Washburn, Warren Luening, Jon Lewis, Wayne Bergeron
composer: John Williams
(ALL STAR TEAM! Gives me shivers everytime I hear it...)

***CBS Evening News
(Opening & Closing Themes)

composer: James Horner
Trumpets: Malcolm McNab (prin.), Tim Morrison, Jon Lewis, David Washburn

CBS Evening News - Open.mp3
CBS Evening News - Close.mp3

***The MacNeil - Lehrer News Theme

composer: Bernard Hoffer
Lehrer Theme.mp3
Malcolm - principal trumpet

***Sunday Night Football Theme and Fanfare
composer: John Williams
Sunday Night Football Theme and Fanfare.mp3
Trumpets: Malcolm McNab (prin.), Jon Lewis, David Washburn, Wayne Bergeron (high notes), Marissa Benedict


John Williams & The Hollywood Studio Symphony recording the NBC Nightly News Theme
Trumpets: Malcolm McNab (principal), Tim Morrison, Jon Lewis, Dave Washburn


Audio clips from Malcolm's CD "Exquisite". Many regard this CD as the finest trumpet record ever recorded.





Malcolm's chart on "Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto"


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