Focusing on piano and composition, Mike Lang received a Bachelor of Music degree at the University of Michigan. Shortly after, wining awards at the Notre Dame Intercollegiate Jazz Festival, his trio performed at The Village Vanguard in New York. Other notable teachers included Arnold Schoenberg students Leonard Stein (piano) and George Tremblay (composition).

Returning to Los Angeles, he studied with Pearl Kaufman and Lalo Schifrin, and commenced a freelance recording career in records, motion pictures and television, becoming conversant with every possible music idiom and form, including jazz, classical, pop and R&B. This versatility enabled him to build a career as an accompanist for an encyclopaedic body of artists including Ray Charles, Natalie Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Vince Gill, InSync, Milt Jackson, Lee Konitz, Diana Krall, John Lennon, Arturo Sandoval, Barbra Streisand and Frank Zappa - to mention a few.

He has recorded more than 2000 scores, working with virtually every film composer including John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, James Newton Howard, Henry Mancini, Elmer Bernstein, Hans Zimmer, with numerous screen credits for solo appearances. He has premiered jazz piano concerti written especially for him by Byron Olson and Brad Dechter.


2010     Music from Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore         Keyboards, Piano
2009     He's Just Not That Into You     Cliff Eidelman     Arranger, Featured Artist, Piano
2009     Invictus [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Michael Stevens     Piano
2009     Public Enemies [Score]     Elliot Goldenthal     Piano
2008     Kit Kittredge: An American Girl         Piano
2007     Hairspray [2007 Original Soundtrack]         Keyboards
2007     The Enforcer [1976 Soundtrack]         Keyboards
2006     Flags of our Fathers [Soundtrack]     Clint Eastwood     Keyboards
2006     Murph the Surf [Music from the motion picture]     Phillip Lambro     Piano
2006     The World's Fastest Indian [Music from the Motion Picture]     J. Peter Robinson     Piano
2005     Dreamer [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     John Debney     Piano
2005     King Kong [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]         Piano
2005     Timeline: Music Inspired by the Film     Jerry Goldsmith     Keyboards
2005     War of the Worlds [Music from the Motion Picture]         Piano
2002     Panic Room [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Howard Shore     Keyboards
2001     Bandits [2001 Sony]         Keyboards
2001     Blonde         Piano
2001     Cats and Dogs [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     John Debney     Keyboards
2001     Monsters, Inc. (An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack)     Randy Newman     Piano
2001     Rush Hour 2 [Original Motion Picture Score]         Keyboards
2001     The Glass House [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Christopher Young     Keyboards
2001     The Princess Diaries [Original Score]     John Debney     Keyboards
2001     The Score (Soundtrack)     Howard Shore     Piano
1999     Bowfinger     David Newman     Keyboards
1998     As Good as It Gets     Hans Zimmer     Piano
1998     Rounders     Christopher Young     Organ
1997     Free Willy 3: The Rescue     Cliff Eidelman     Piano
1997     Out to Sea [Original Soundtrack]         Keyboards
1997     The Edge     Jerry Goldsmith     Piano
1997     The Rainmaker [Original Soundtrack]     Elmer Bernstein     Organ (Hammond)
1996     Mrs. Santa Claus [Original Soundtrack]         Keyboards, Piano
1996     Set It Off [Original Motion Picture Score]     Christopher Young     Keyboards
1994     I'll Do Anything [Original Soundtrack]     Hans Zimmer     Piano
1993     Muppet Beach Party     The Muppets     Keyboards
1991     Hook     John Williams     Piano
1991     Mobsters         Keyboards
1991     Switch [Original Score]     Henry Mancini     Keyboards
1989     The Punisher [Original Motion Picture Score]     Dennis Dreith     Piano
1988     Cousins     Angelo Badalamenti     Piano
1988     The Dead Pool [Original Score]     Lalo Schifrin     Keyboards
1985     The Color Purple [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]         Keyboards
1982     Rocky III     Bill Conti     Piano
1979     Rocky II [Original Motion Picture Score]     Bill Conti     Keyboards, Piano
1965     Cincinnati Kid     Lalo Schifrin     Piano



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