Phil Teele is one of the greatest (and most recorded) bass trombonists of all time. He's played on thousands of movie soundtracks - and thousands of commercial recordings. Check him out!


2012     Men in Black 3 [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Danny Elfman     Trombone
2012     Snow White & the Huntsman         Trombone
2012     John Carter     Michael Giacchino     Trombone (Bass)
2011     Rango: Music from the Motion Picture     Hans Zimmer     Trombone
2011     Sucker Punch         Trombone
2010     Despicable Me         Trombone
2010     Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief     Christophe Beck     Trombone
2009     Invictus [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Kyle Eastwood     Trombone
2009     Angels & Demons [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Hans Zimmer     Trombone
2009     Public Enemies [Score]     Elliot Goldenthal     Main Personnel, Trombone
2009     Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen -- The Score     Steve Jablonsky     Trombone
2009     Watchmen [Original Motion Picture Score]     Tyler Bates     Trombone
2009     X-Men Origins: Wolverine [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Trombone
2008     Indiana Jones: The Complete Soundtracks Collection     John Williams     Trombone
2008     Sex and the City: Original Motion Picture Score     Aaron Zigman     Trombone
2008     Tropic Thunder [Original Motion Picture Score]     Theodore Shapiro     Trombone
2008     Wanted [Original Score]     Danny Elfman     Trombone
2007     August Rush         Trombone
2007     Blades of Glory [Original Motion Picture Score]     Theodore Shapiro     Trombone
2007     Bridge to Terabithia         Trombone
2007     Disturbia [Original Motion Picture Score]         Trombone
2007     Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Trombone
2007     Gracie [Original Motion Picture Score]     Mark Isham     Trombone
2007     Shooter [Music from the Motion Picture]         Trombone
2007     Smokin' Aces [Original Motion Picture Score]     Clint Mansell     Trombone    Trombone
2007     Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [2007 Soundtrack]         Trombone
2007     The Enforcer [1976 Soundtrack]         Trombone
2007     Transformers: The Score [Original Motion Picture Score]     Steve Jablonsky     Trombone
2006     American Dreamz     Stephen Trask     Trombone
2006     X2: X-Men United [Original Motion Picture Score]     John Ottman     Trombone
2005     An Adventure Story of Steamboy     Steve Jablonsky     Trombone
2005     Constantine [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Klaus Badelt     Trumpet
2005     Fantastic 4 [Original Motion Picture Score]     John Ottman     Trombone
2005     Robots [Original Score]     John Powell     Trombone
2005     The Island [Soundtrack]     Steve Jablonsky     Trombone
2005     The Skeleton Key [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]         Trombone
2005     Timeline: Music Inspired by the Film     Jerry Goldsmith     Trombone
2005     War of the Worlds [Music from the Motion Picture]         Trombone
2004     A Man and His Music     Claus Ogerman     Trombone
2004     Just for a Thrill     Ronnie Milsap     Trombone
2004     National Treasure (Original Score)     Trevor Rabin     Trombone
2004     Spider-Man 2 [Original Motion Picture Score]         Trombone
2004     The Bourne Supremacy [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     John Powell     Trombone
2004     The Terminal [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]         Trombone
2004     The Village (Original Score)     James Newton Howard     Trombone
2003     Agent Cody Banks         Musician
2003     Dreamcatcher [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     James Newton Howard     Trombone
2003     Jeepers Creepers 2 [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]         Trombone
2003     Looney Tunes: Back in Action [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Jerry Goldsmith     Trombone
2003     Tears of the Sun [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Hans Zimmer     Trombone
2003     The Hunted [Music from the Motion Picture]     Brian Tyler     Trombone
2003     The Italian Job (2003) (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)     John Powell     Trombone
2003     The Last Samurai [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Hans Zimmer     Trombone
2003     The Rundown [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Harry Gregson-Williams     Trombone
2003     Timeline [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Brian Tyler     Trombone
2002     Antwone Fisher     Mychael Danna     Trombone
2002     Blade II     Marco Beltrami     Trombone
2002     Panic Room [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Howard Shore     Trombone
2002     Signs [Original Motion Picture Score]     James Newton Howard     Trombone
2002     Solaris [Original Score]     Cliff Martinez     Trombone
2002     Star Trek: Nemesis [Music from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Trombone
2002     Tuck Everlasting     William Ross     Trombone
2002     XXX [Original Motion Picture Score]     Randy Edelman     Trombone
2001     Along Came a Spider     Jerry Goldsmith     Trombone
2001     Black Knight [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Randy Edelman     Trombone
2001     Domestic Disturbance [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Mark Mancina     Trombone
2001     Don't Say a Word [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Mark Isham     Trombone
2001     Evolution [Original Score]     John Powell     Trombone
2001     The Glass House [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Christopher Young     Trombone
2000     Diamonds [1999]     Joel Goldsmith     Trombone
1994     I'll Do Anything [Original Soundtrack]     Hans Zimmer     Trombone
1990     Perfect World     Ed Mann     Trombone (Bass)
1989     Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Trombone
1985     The Color Purple [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]         Trombone
1984     Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom     John Williams     Trombone
     Bear McCreary     Trombone
    Role Models [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]         Trombone
    The Tale of Despereaux [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]         Trombone


* = favorite
** = BURNIN'!
*** = legendary performance


*** "Planet Of The Apes" soundtrack - "The Hunt"
Phil Teele - The Hunt.mp3

Phil Teele [contrabass and bass]
Charlie Loper [principal tenor]
Bill Reichenbach [bass and contrabass]
Bob Sanders [bass and contrabass]
Dick Nash [bass and tenor]
Steve Holtman [tenor, bass and contrabass]
John Van Houten [tuba, cimbasso and contra]
  Alan Kaplan [tenor, bass and contrabass]
Alex Iles [tenor and bass]
Andy Martin [tenor and bass]
Bob Payne [tenor and bass]
Bruce Fowler [tenor]
Bruce Otto [tenor]
Tommy Johnson [tuba, cimbasso and contra]


*Blue Topaz - Tommy Pederson / "All My Concertos"
Phil Teele - Blue Topaz.mp3

***I Ain't Gonna Ask No More"
- Toshiko Akiyoshi / "Tales Of A Courtesan"
Phil Teele - I Ain't Gonna Ask No More.mp3

***Saturday Night (Is The Loneliest Night Of The Week)
- Patrick Williams / "Sinatraland"
Phil Teele - Saturday Night.mp3

*Spice - Frank Sinatra, Jr. / "That Face!"
Phil Teele - Spice.mp3



Phil playing "So Danco Samba"


Phil playing "Corcovado"



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