This page is dedicated to my very favorite trumpet and flugelhorn solos in popular music. Enjoy ~ GW


The late, great David Mason on recording his legendary piccolo trumpet solo on The Beatles' "Penny Lane"


Lew Soloff re-creating his legendary trumpet solo on "Spinning Wheel" for a fan.


"Lost In A Wonderland" - Alan Rubin
Alan Rubin - Lost In A Wonderland.mp3

"Reminiscing" - Bob Venier
Bob Venier - Reminiscing.mp3

"Close To You" and "Spinning" - Chuck Findley
Chuck Findley - Close To You.mp3
Chuck Findley - Spinning.mp3

"Penny Lane" - David Mason
David Mason - Penny Lane.mp3

"Longer" and "Murphy's Law" - Jerry Hey
Jerry Hey - Longer.mp3
Jerry Hey - Murphy's Law.mp3

"Sowing The Seeds Of Love" - John Hassell
John Hassell - Sowing The Seeds Of Love.mp3

"God Bless The Child" & "Spinning Wheel" - Lew Soloff
Lew Soloff - God Bless The Child.mp3
Lew Soloff - Spinning Wheel.mp3

"Admiral Halsey" - Marv Stamm
Marv Stamm - Admiral Halsey.mp3


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