Ms. Corrigan enjoys a varied career in orchestras, chamber groups, and recording studios in addition to her success as a soloist and teacher. Ms. Corrigan is a graduate of the University of Southern California where she studied with Michael O'Donovan. While a student at USC, she performed as a member of the Santa Monica Symphony and has served as principal bassoonist for the past two seasons. She is a member of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, the Los Angeles Music Center Opera Orchestra and the Master Chorale Symphonia. She has performed with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, Long Beach Symphony, Pasadena Symphony, American Ballet Theater, Joffrey Ballet, and Kirov Ballet. She has participated in the Oregon Bach Festival under Helmuth Rilling, Martha's Vineyard Chamber Music Society, Juneau Jazz and Classic Festival, and the San Luis Obispo Mozart Festival. Rose is a member of Pacific Classical Winds, a period instrument ensemble, which has recorded on the New World Records label. She can be heard on numerous movie sound tracks, television scores, records and commercials. Currently she is on the faculty at Pomona College and the University of Southern California.


2012     John Carter     Michael Giacchino     Bassoon
2012     Men in Black 3 [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Danny Elfman     Bassoon
2012     Ted         Bassoon
2011     Rango: Music from the Motion Picture     Hans Zimmer     Bassoon
2011     Sucker Punch         Bassoon
2011     The Rite     Alex Heffes     Bassoon
2011     War Horse [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]         Bassoon
2011     X-Men: First Class [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Bassoon
2010     Dinner for Schmucks     Theodore Shapiro     Bassoon
2010     The Last Airbender     James Newton Howard     Bassoon
2010     The Pacific [Original Score]     Geoff Zanelli     Bassoon
2009     Angels & Demons [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Hans Zimmer     Bassoon
2009     Avatar     James Horner     Bassoon
2009     Caprica [Original Soundtrack]     Bear McCreary     Bassoon
2009     Public Enemies [Score]     Elliot Goldenthal     Bassoon
2009     Watchmen [Original Motion Picture Score]     Tyler Bates     Bassoon
2008     Bolt [Original Score]     John Powell     Bassoon
2008     Marley & Me [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Bassoon
2008     WALL-E [Original Score]     Thomas Newman     Bassoon
2008     Wanted [Original Score]     Danny Elfman     Bassoon
2007     Blades of Glory [Original Motion Picture Score]     Bassoon
2007     Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Bassoon
2007     Hairspray [2007 Original Soundtrack]         Bassoon
2006     Freedomland [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Bassoon
2006     Serenada Schizophrana     Danny Elfman     Bassoon
2006     The Nativity Story [Original Motion Picture Score]     Mychael Danna  Bassoon
2006     The World's Fastest Indian [Music from the Motion Picture]     Bassoon
2006     X-Men: The Last Stand [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Bassoon
2006     X2: X-Men United [Original Motion Picture Score]     John Ottman     Bassoon
2005     Fantastic 4 [Original Motion Picture Score]     John Ottman     Bassoon, Principal
2005     March of the Penguins [Original Score]     Alex Wurman     Bassoon
2005     The Skeleton Key [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]         Bassoon
2005     War of the Worlds [Music from the Motion Picture]         Bassoon
2004     Day After Tomorrow     Harald Kloser     Bassoon
2004     Flight of the Phoenix [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Bassoon
2004     I, Robot [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Marco Beltrami     Bassoon
2004     Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events Bassoon
2004     National Treasure (Original Score)     Trevor Rabin     Bassoon
2004     Spider-Man 2 [Original Motion Picture Score]         Bassoon
2004     Surviving Christmas                                     Bassoon
2004     The Notebook [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]         Bassoon
2003     Bulletproof Monk [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Eric Serra     Bassoon
2003     Gothika [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     John Ottman     Bassoon, Principal
2003     Taken [Original Television Score]     Laura Karpman     Bassoon
2003     Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines                      Bassoon
2003     Timeline [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Brian Tyler     Bassoon
2003     Trumpet Evolution     Arturo Sandoval     Bassoon
2003     X2 [Original Motion Picture Score]     John Ottman     Bassoon
2002     Antwone Fisher     Mychael Danna     Bassoon
2002     Blade II     Marco Beltrami     Bassoon
2002     Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood         Bassoon
2002     Dragonfly [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     John Debney     Bassoon
2002     Eight Legged Freaks [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Bassoon
2002     Largo     Brad Mehldau     Bassoon
2002     Panic Room [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Howard Shore     Bassoon
2002     Solaris [Original Score]     Cliff Martinez     Bassoon
2002     Tuck Everlasting     William Ross     Bassoon
2002     XXX [Original Motion Picture Score]     Randy Edelman     Bassoon
2001     Joy Ride [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Marco Beltrami     Bassoon
2001     Life as a House [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Mark Isham     Bassoon
1999     The Best of the Movie Album: As Time Goes By     Neil Diamond     Bassoon
1997     Conspiracy Theory     Carter Burwell     Bassoon
1996     Mrs. Santa Claus [Original Soundtrack]         Woodwind
1994     I'll Do Anything [Original Soundtrack]     Hans Zimmer     Bassoon
1988     The Dead Pool [Original Score]     Lalo Schifrin     Bassoon
    Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey: Music from the Motion Picture [Score]
    He's Just Not That Into You [Score]    Cliff Eidelman     Bassoon
    Human Target: Season 1    Bear McCreary     Bassoon
    The Tale of Despereaux [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]        Bassoon


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