In my travels (internet and otherwise), I've met some amazing people. Along the way, I've come to know Arndt Rubart. He is from Germany - and, basically, the European version of me. He is the only person I've ever met whose knowledge of Jerry Hey's music matches (even exceeds in some cases) my own.

Anyway, I asked him what he thought were Jerry's nastiest, most wicked, impossible to play horn arrangements. The following list is the result of our collaboration.

This page is dedicated to my good friend and colleague Professor Scott Wilson and his Snow College and University Of Florida trumpet students.
Gio and Arndt's picks
All horn arrangements by Jerry Hey, except "Move The Judge" by Dave Clark, "Can't Wait" by Larry Williams, and "In The Mood" by Ralph Burns.
#1) "Move The Judge"
Dave Clark - "Time: The Musical"
Jerry Hey - Move The Judge.mp3

THE STORY: Jerry was hired to play first trumpet in an obscure musical in England. Dave Clark (the composer) had Jerry specifically in mind for this show. This is by far the sickest thing I've ever heard Jerry play - with Derek Watkins on 2nd. This is the audio from the show.


#2) "Chaser"
T Square
Jerry Hey - Chaser.mp3

THE STORY: This clip is from an obscure album by Japanese band T Square. This cue has also been used for a TV show chase scene. As a unit of  5, it's the most difficult thing I've ever heard the Hey Horn Section play.

JH, Gary Grant - trumpets
Dan Higgins, Larry Williams - saxes
Bill Reichenbach - trombone


#3) "Just Tell Me Pretty Lies"
Lee Ritenour
Jerry Hey - Just Tell Me Pretty Lies.mp3

THE STORY: This is from an '80s Lee Ritenour record. This RIDICULOUS lick is right at the end of the guitar solo. It's NOT enhanced and goes all the way up to "E" above "Double C". Jerry and Gary Grant are the trumpet players.


#4) "Wild Women Of Wongo"
The Tubes
Jerry Hey - Wild Women Of Wongo.mp3

THE STORY:  Although everyone remembers "She's A Beauty" from "Outside Inside", "Wild Women Of Wongo" had the crazy horn parts -  high, angular, and partly in a hemiola. Another great one from this record is "Tip Of My Tongue".

Jerry, Chuck Findley, Gary Grant - trumpets
Gary Herbig, Larry Williams - saxes
Bill Reichenbach - trombone


#5) Imagination
Al Jarreau
Jerry Hey - Imagination.mp3

THE STORY: This horn part was so crazy that engineers thought the syncopated parts were out of sync with the track. Just another case of Jerry's magic touch confusing the even best ears in the business. Once the engineers listened to it a number of times, They finally figured out what Jerry was up to. GENIUS!
Jerry, Chuck Findley, Gary Grant - trumpets

Bill Reichenbach, Charlie Loper - trombones


#6) Just A Minute
Bach Sterling Bell CD Sampler
Jerry Hey - Just A Minute.mp3

THE STORY: Bach asked Jerry to write a tune to feature their new Sterling Bell line of trumpets. Jerry wrote the tune for trumpet quartet and recorded it with his friends Charley Davis, Gary Grant, and Larry Hall. The results were absolutely ridiculous.


#7) Festival De Ritmo
Dave Weckl
Jerry Hey - Festival De Ritmo.mp3

THE STORY: Jerry overdubbed all of the trumpet parts. Jerry nails a double "C#" and "F#" over this nasty Latin horn part.

Jerry - all trumpets
Bill Reichenbach - all trombones


#8) Can't Wait
Jerry Hey - Cant Wait.mp3

THE STORY: Jerry recorded this killer track with Seawind as a guest artist (after he left the group). He plays NINE double "D"s in the tune. Enough said.

Jerry, Gary Grant - trumpets
Larry Williams, Kim Hutchcroft - saxes
Bill Reichenbach - trombone


#9) Let Me Talk
Earth, Wind, & Fire

THE STORY: The intro is RIDICULOUS. Check out the "G"s on the chorus! WHEW!

Trumpets: Jerry, Chuck Findley, Gary Grant, Oscar Brashear, and Steve Madaio
Trombones: Bill Reichenbach, George Bohanon


#10) Lady Sun
Earth, Wind, & Fire

THE STORY: This would be hard enough with just a couple of horn players, but Jerry wrote this for 10 horns (5 trumpets and 5 trombones). WOW!

Trumpets: Jerry, Gary Grant, Chuck Findley, Oscar Brashear, and Larry Hall.
Trombones: Bill Reichenbach, Charlie Loper, George Bohanon, Lew McCreary, and Dick Hyde.


#11) In The Mood
"In The Mood" Motion Picture Soundtrack
Jerry Hey - In The Mood.mp3

THE STORY: Big band leader hired Jerry to play lead on parts of the soundtrack to the film "In The Mood". Jerry decided to take part of the outro up an octave. This soundtrack features an all-star, 5-man trumpet section. The rest of the players are Gary Grant, Rick Baptist, Warren Luening, and Oscar Brashear.


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