2012     John Carter     Michael Giacchino     Percussion
2011     Happy Feet Two [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     John Powell     Latin Percussion
2009     Star Trek [Music from the Motion Picture]     Michael Giacchino     Percussion
2008     Hancock     John Powell     Percussion
2008     Recount      Dave Grusin     Percussion
2008     Speed Racer     Michael Giacchino     Percussion
2007     Ratatouille     Michael Giacchino     Percussion
2006     Mission Impossible III     Michael Giacchino     Percussion

Playing drums from a very early age, Walter Rodriguez, born in San Juan. P.R., played his first TV show at the age of seven. His father, the #1 studio call on the island for over 20 years, was his first teacher and still his greatest inspiration. While playing side by side with his dad, he was surrounded by today's musical greats Alex Acuna and Giovanni Hidalgo; simultaneously enhancing his musical knowledge by studying piano and working as a sound engineer.

At the age of 22, Walter moved to Los Angeles to study at Musicians Institute of Technology, specifically the PIT (Percussion Institute of Technology) division. While getting involved in the local music scene, Walter and Alex Acuna connected, this time Alex taking Walter under his wing and becoming his spiritual and musical mentor.

Where others would concentrate on fewer options/activities as time passes-by, Walter is heading to broader, more musically challenging directions. He is not only dealing with harmonic and other relevant music-theory elements, but also opening an even bigger sonic "palette" by studying -yet- other World-Music percussion traditions, including the Australian didgeridoo [the oldest woodwind instrument ever] and the Indian tabla, to mention a few.


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