RIP March 18, 2012

OK... there is a small, but VERY loud contingent out there who believe that Warren was the best all-around trumpet player in L.A. He was a trumpeter's trumpeter and, by most accounts, a guy who made "it" look way too easy. I can't help but think of an e-mail I received from Jerry Hey about Warren (in 2000). He said, "If you think I'm good, you should listen to Warren Luening. I'm not nearly the trumpet player that he is". Warren was an extremely gifted player who is a chameleon with styles. He was peerless in both legit and jazz. - GW

Warren and Wayne Bergeron


A picture of Warren from his days with the
Lawrence Welk Orchestra (1958 to 1960)


Warren playing "The Swingin' Bugler"
with the Lawrence Welk Band (1958)


composer: Elmer Bernstein
Warren's trumpet solo on "Sharks" from "The Rainmaker"
Warren Luening - Sharks.mp3


composer: John Williams
Warren Luening - The River.mp3

You know, I'd forgotten how strikingly beautiful Warren's trumpet solo is on "The River". The whole score is stunning and a little-known masterpiece by John Williams. This solo always seems to be talked about as one of the great ones of all time -- right up there with Uan Rasey's on "Chinatown" and Malcolm McNab's on "Dances With Wolves". Enjoy. - GW


composer: Arthur Rubinstein
01 - tbaj.mp3

Warren (and Rick Baptist) nailing a cue from the James Woods / Michael J. Fox movie "The Hard Way".


Warren's Jazz Solos & Audio

"All Or Nothing At All" - from Patrick Williams' "Sinatraland"
Warren Luening - All Or Nothing At All.mp3

"BBC" - from Bob Florence's "State Of The Art"

Bye Bye Blues - The Sammy Nestico Big Band
Warren Luening - Bye Bye Blues.mp3

Emily - The Sammy Nestico Big Band
Warren Luening - Emily.mp3

"Georgia" - from Wayne Bergeron's "Plays Well With Others"

"Girl Talk" - from Masanori Sasaji's "Birdland"
Warren Luening - Girl Talk.mp3

"How Sweet It Is" - from Quincy Jones / Sammy Nestico Orchestra's "Basie & Beyond"
Warren Luening - How Sweet It Is.mp3

"I Remember Clifford" (this is AWESOME... you really get to study Warren's amazing sound here) - from Frank Capps' "Juggernaut Strikes Again"
Warren Luening - I Remember Clifford.mp3

"The Joy Of Cookin'" - from "Basie & Beyond"
Warren Luening - The Joy Of Cookin.mp3

"Moanin'" - from Masanori Sasaji's "Afro Blue"
Warren Luening - Moanin.mp3

Rose Room - The Sammy Nestico Big Band
Warren Luening - Rose Room.mp3

Smile - The Sammy Nestico Big Band
Warren Luening - Smile.mp3

"So Near, So Far" - from "Afroblue"
Warren Luening - So Near So Far.mp3

"Straight, No Chaser" - from Bob Florence's "Earth"
Warren Luening - Straight No Chaser.mp3

Tangerine - The Sammy Nestico Big Band
Warren Luening - Tangerine.mp3

The Theme From "Blonde"
Theme From Blonde.mp3

"Where Is Love?" - from Sammy Nestico's "This Is The Moment"




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