You name it, my man Winston OWNS it - lead, section, or jazz. His skills, in my opinion, are vastly underrated. Unlike many of his contemporaries, he cut his teeth on the road. He is also deeply-rooted in the tradition of Dizzy Gillespie and Jon Faddis. He is an avid supporter of this site and a friend. Make no mistake about it, he is a MONSTER and needs to be watched very closely!


Winston played the high note on "Before Motown" AND soloed and played lead on "Miss Gretchen" all with an abscessed tooth!


Winston playing lead live in concert with The Stylistics

Hurry Up This Way Again
Winston Byrd - Hurry Up This Way Again - Lead.mp3

You're A Big Girl Now
Winston Byrd - Youre A Big Girl Now - Lead.mp3

You're As Right As Rain
Winston Byrd - Youre As Right As Rain - Lead.mp3





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